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Through the Maimonides program Gesharim provides Jewish students on Israeli campuses with a unique opportunity to explore Judaism at a level of depth and sophistication commensurate with their academic skills and aspirations. In a dynamic and open environment, students are introduced to classical Jewish philosophy, the relevance of Jewish wisdom to contemporary issues and Jewish perspectives on some of life’s most challenging questions.

Scholarships of up to $400 for a semester are available for students enrolled in the Maimonides program.

A personal interview is required in order to enroll to this program.

Gesharim Dorms

Gesharim dorms is a unique opportunity for students who want to combine studies in Jewish philosophy, Talmud, Jewish thought and Ethics with there academic studies. Gesharim offers highly subsidized apartments. Application and interview are required and the space available is limited. Please note that while a student is enrolled in the Gesharim Dorms program he/she cannot receive a Maimonides scholarship.

International Girl's Night

Come and enjoy an evening of fun, food and a hands on Jewish experience with Jewish students from around the world.

Program includes:
Challa baking and spiritual insights behind the custom.
Making Moroccan dinner with discussion on different Jewish cultures
Creating Judaic artwork and it's meaning.
and much, much more!

Shabbat Hospitality

Sign up to experience a Shabbat meal with a family in the community. Please note it's important to sign up before Wednesday night.