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Gesharim means bridges. We are here to bridge gaps, providing a framework for young jews to connect to each other, to the land of Israel and it's vibrant society while they explore their heritage and discover the beauty of Judaism.

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What our students have to say

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Rebecca L.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“We don’t only hear “keep Torah” and that’s it. We hear deep philosophical reasons behind every tradition.”

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Gabriel L.

Madrid, Spain

"Studying abroad isn't easy. Meeting Rabbi Yaakov helped the transition tremendously. The highlight of my year was the heritage trip to Prague… Praying in the Old -New Synagogue was an amazing experience. Thank you so much for everything!"

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Shira B.

San Francisco CA, United States

“I was very lucky to meet the Gesharim community where I heard wonderful lectures and I enjoyed helping cook food for Shabbat.”

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Daniel M.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Gesharim dorms program allows me to continue studying at Hebrew University towards my degree as well as develop and strengthen myself spiritually.